Chess Tournament Sets - Triple Weighted - USChess Sales

Many other choices for chess sets. I do recommend at least a triple weighted set. The non-weighted sets are too easy to knock over when playing.

Chess Clock - these are cheap and easy to use - USChess Sales

I have bought just about every clock made. Spend as much or as little as you want. Make sure your clock can handle increments and delay.

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High rated player local in Lexington.

Chess Coach - Chess Education Foundation

CEF Mission - We teach life skills through chess.

Chess Coach - GM Gregory Kaidanov

GM Kaidanov has students from all over the United States and has given lessons to people living overseas. Connect to the internet and use a chessboard on the screen accompanied by instruction on the phone/Skype.

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Facebook group for info on our chess club.

GM Gregory Kaidanov wins 2021 Senior Championship

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Article covering Queen's Gambit in Lexington

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GM Kaidanov winning 2nd place in inaugural Senior Championship