Location... Location... Location

  • Where and when is in-person club? We currently meet on Wednesday nights from 7pm-10pm at Dairy Queen at 350 Virginia Ave, Lexington Ky.
  • Where and when is online club? We play on Lichess.org every Thursday night from 8pm-9:30pm. The link changes weekly, so signup for email notifications if you want the link sent to you.


  • How do I join? Club membership is FREE. Play as often as you like at our weekly Wednesday night meetings. To compete in our Saturday tournaments, you will need a USChess membership: https://new.uschess.org/join-us-chess


  • Should I bring my own chess set and clock? If you have a tournament legal chess set, then feel free to bring it. The same for a clock. If you do not own this equipment, then we usually have plenty at our meetings. To buy chess equipment click here for some suggestions. I have no affiliation with anyone on the equipment list.

Tournament Etiquette

  • Touch Move. This only applies to Saturday tournaments. You are free to change any move on Wednesday club meetings before you hit your clock. From the Cincinnati Club website, here is a good summary of Touch Move:
    • If you deliberately touch one of your own pieces, you must move that piece if you legally can.
    • If you deliberately touch one of your opponent’s pieces, you must capture that piece if you legally can.
    • If you legally move one of your pieces to a square and release it (that is, let go of it so that physical contact between your hand and the piece is broken), it must remain on that square whether or not that is the square to which you intended to move it.
    • If you move a piece that you cannot legally move, you must put that piece back on the square where it was before you moved it and make a legal move.
  • Notation. I do not require notation at any of my events. I suggest you keep notation as this is a great way of improving your chess. However, I do not require it and do not issue any penalty for not taking notation. There are some scenarios where this could hurt your chances at drawing a game. You can not claim 3-move repetition draw nor 50 move draw. I also will not let you fill in your scoresheet if you did not attempt to keep notation from the beginning of the game.