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Red Bull will be at our April 8 tournament handing out free drinks and streaming Red Bull TV.

Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday - Feb, 2017

One of the best quotes ever

When the Devil whispers into your ear and says, 'You're not strong enough to withstand the storm.' Whisper back, 'I Am The Storm.'

Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday

I played in a tournament over the holiday that was G/30 with no delay. I scored horribly and even resigned a game that I was winning easily when I thought I was checkmated. Turns out I wasn't, but I had already 'resigned'. By 'resigned', I mean scattered the pieces across the table.

The point though, was it was a blast and I realized it gave every game a nervous feel. So, my tournaments will go to the same format. G/30;d0

It is scary and it gives everyone a chance at an upset. No room for scared players anymore. If you want a rush, then hit up our 2nd Saturday tournaments!

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