Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday

Changes coming to our tournament format in January 2017.

Events will continue to be held on 2nd Saturday of the month. Time control will change, as will the entry fees.

The FREE entry fees for everyone has not resulted in increased attendance, so we will be changing back to a more normal fee schedule. Starting with the January 14 tournament, we will start charging a $30 entry fee. Prizes will still be based on Class participation.

Time control will change to G/30;d5 {edited: changed to G/30;d0} and we will move to 5 rounds.

We will still start at Noon and last round will start around 6:00, so you can still get finished early.
Initial idea for round times are: Noon - 1:30 - 3 - 4:30 - 6

Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday
Pink Floyd Open is this Saturday - Nov 12
Music will be played during rounds.
All other details remain the same.

Pink Floyd Open
- music played during rounds

Lexington Chess Tournament

When: 2nd Saturday of the month, registration starts at 11:30am

Where: Univ of Kentucky, Dickey Hall #325, (304 Scott St), see map below

Time Control: 3 rounds, G/45;d5
Start Times: Approx.~(12:00) - 2:15 - 4:00

Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday will provide links to other organizers web pages to show their club info and tournaments.

Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday
Changes coming to
I am no longer gonna try to keep up with local tournaments. I wasn't doing a very good job at it anyway.
Everyone can use the internet, so find them yourself. :)
However, I will be providing links to local clubs that hold tournaments. These include Rober Chenault in Cincy, Frank Walls in Winchester, all of the Eastern Ky tournaments, and even those evil Louisville guys. Anyone else with local tournaments is welcome to get a link.
This will also allow me to provide links to clubs that hold Scholastic only tournaments.

Chess Lexington 2nd Saturday
Changing to provide more information and details for Chess in Lexington Ky

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